NetSupport help you protect your business by providing facilities and solutions for all aspects of Business Continuity 2 fully equipped data centres offering the most secure hosting environment for your critical data NetSupport managed co-location services

NetSupport is a provider of Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Co-location services, underpinned with the latest technology and high redundancy infrastructure, based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

Our services enable businesses who suffer a disaster due to fire, flood, telecoms outage or other unforeseen circumstances, to continue to operate their businesses, whilst minimising the impact on their customers, suppliers or own operational viability.

Having a tried and tested business continuity and disaster recovery plan is well recognised as one of the most critical areas of concern for senior management tasked with ensuring the ongoing viability and success of their business.

NetSupport is here to help, with recovery positions ranging from just 10 seats, to over 200.

As well as Business Continuity, NetSupport also provides server Co-Location services from our leading-edge data centres, for customers with single server through to multi-rack requirements.



Business Continuity and Server Colocation from NetSupport BC

NetSupport House - purpose-built business continuity and co-locastion facilities