Ensuring your business is operational should an unforeseen event occur (such as fire, flood or power outage) is essential to provide continuity of service to your customers. Therefore, having an insurance plan in place that ensures your critical applications and data are always available makes extremely good business sense.

Some corporations are large enough to have their own dedicated data centres, but for small and medium enterprises, the option to rent server rack space in a specialist, secure facility is the perfect solution. This way, your company’s data is protected by the most up-to-date systems in a dedicated business continuity data centre that meets all the essential requirements for power, security, temperature control, fire suppression systems and full redundancy – leaving you secure in the knowledge that, should the worst happen, your company is fully protected and can remain operational.

The security of your vital commercial data is our priority. That’s why we ensure that we employ the latest technology and systems to ensure the most secure environment for your servers.


We offer two co-location options: Server Co-location and
Managed Co-location.


"We are very pleased with the service provided by NetSupport and all of the tests performed over the last two years have been outstandingly successful. What we did achieve was an affirmation of our original decision to take a Disaster Recovery contract with NetSupport and proved that the invocation process and service delivery behind it is capable of delivering exactly what we need when we need it. That gives us real reassurance as we develop our systems and the services and dependence on IT within the business, that whatever happens, we have knowledgeable and capable people at NetSupport providing that DR safety net for us."