Meet Charles and Howard and see how NetSupport helped with their Business Continuity and Data Colocation needs.


Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning are fundamental to the wellbeing of any organisation as their purpose is to ensure continuity in the face of unforeseen or difficult circumstances.

Without an effective and, more importantly, achievable plan in place, businesses run the risk of compromising their strategic plans, credibility in the eyes of their customers and even the stability of the company itself.

Of course no plan, regardless of how well thought out, is complete without the resources and facilities needed to support the business strategy.

NetSupport is a specialist provider of facilities and solutions for all aspects of Business Continuity. From our purpose-built facilities located in East Anglia, we are able to offer both a scaleable and customisable solution to protect your business in the event of any type of interruption. 


NetSupport’s Business Continuity Centre provides a perfectly replicated office environment with desks, telephones and PCs pre-installed and ready for use by each customer within a few hours of a customer notifying the centre of an issue.

Customers are then able to move their key staff into our Centre and continue their daily operations with the minimum of disruption whilst their own premises or systems are being restored.

NetSupport has over 25 years' proven experience in supporting IT systems, infrastructure and handling management of desktops, locally and remotely. We offer some of the best facilities outside London, responsive local account management, proven experience and a secure financial base.


"I have to say, I was very pleased with the way things went with the rehearsal. Our key staff were able to test NetSupport’s Business Continuity and Workplace Recovery facilities in a real live environment; we were up and running within an hour of arrival. NetSupport’s staff were excellent, very flexible and always there to help. I would highly recommend NetSupport to other businesses. "

Jon Stephenson, Bakkavor’s Group Technology Officer