The thought of creating a business continuity plan may seem like a daunting task and something you keep putting off doing. However, no matter how unlikely you think it will be that a disaster takes place that will make a significant impact, it’s still worth having one so at least you can still operate if something does happen.

What are the key benefits?

Reduced downtime: Business operations can immediately be reduced or even stopped completely when a disaster strikes, meaning staff can no longer carry out tasks or sales. The time it takes to assess the disaster, its impact, and figure out how to fix it, causes further delays and a loss of productivity. Having a plan already in place means your team knows exactly what to do.

Customer care: Your customers are crucial to your business’s success and, if an event severely impacts the service you provide them, they may have to look to competitors to meet their needs.

Somewhere to work: If the business working environment can no longer be used, other working arrangements must be made in order to remain operational. If you have already arranged suitable working space for staff in the event of an emergency, your entire business can continue to run while your own offices are being repaired.

Stay ahead of competitors: If an event occurs that means other businesses in your area are disadvantaged and cannot continue to operate, your emergency plans could put you one step ahead –  providing a workplace environment for your staff and safe, secure storage of your data, so that it is available and on hand for quick access when you need it.

NetSupport’s Business Continuity consultancy service offers help and guidance in creating an independent, tailored Business Continuity plan that encompasses the resources and support you need to overcome future disasters.

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