Of the 89 per cent of surveyed UK organisations that have had their data security compromised, around two thirds said that the main cause of the event was down to human error.

In addition, a recent survey from tech security hardware company, Apricorn**, discovered that 47 per cent of remote workers have known that they were risking their business’s data security at some point. This is especially worrying as this figure has increased by 16 per cent since 2018.

So, what’s going wrong? Well, it seems that companies have real difficulties finding a comprehensive data security solution for their mobile or remote workers, with many actually admitting that the situation is too complicated. That does seem to be the case for the 14 per cent of organisations who say that they simply have no control over their data, reports Apricorn. Even though this is a troubling figure, thankfully, it is an improvement on last year, when the figure stood at 27 per cent.

Interestingly, the report found that over half of the businesses that were surveyed are more inclined to place their trust in third parties than their own specialist employees when it comes to data security – and what’s more, they actually expect that their remote workers will cause a data breach within their business at some point.


*National Cyber Security Alliance.
**The research was carried out during April of 2019 for Apricorn by Censuswide, an independent survey company who surveyed 100 IT decision makers across a range of UK business sectors.