Business Continuity Consultancy

Business continuity planning is a critical element to any good business management strategy. It looks at maintaining the functionality of the business as a whole: from critical personnel, key business processes, recovery of vital records and critical suppliers’ identification – to contacting of key vendors and clients. This means when a disaster does happen, plans are in place to help preserve customer pipelines, protect company reputation and mitigate any down time and its associated costs.

Getting started

The first step to creating a plan starts with a site visit.  An independent consultant will tour and evaluate your sites looking at infrastructure, hardware, critical applications and suppliers to get a deeper understanding of the business and operations at risk.

Based on the evaluation, the consultant will then work with you to create a business impact analysis report. This will identify the current state of your business continuity programme, vulnerabilities and pressure points within the business.

Completing this process will then allow the consultant to create a bespoke plan for your business that encompasses the resources and support you need to overcome future disasters.

By working with an independent consultant, you can feel safe in the knowledge that you’ll walk away with an independent plan based on your best interests.

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