Disaster Recovery


Disaster recovery (DR) is a subset of your business continuity planning and consists of specific steps an organisation must take to restore particular functions (i.e. IT systems and operations) as effectively as possible to minimise business downtime after a disaster.
NetSupport offers a complete DR solution to businesses in the East Anglia region. We work with you to put a plan in place that can be deployed in the event of a partial or a total outage – helping you recover from IT infrastructure failure to loss of office location.



As with any office premises, we take the security of both our facilities and our guests seriously. The NetSupport site is fitted with the latest security systems, both internally and externally.

  • Secure proximity electronic access control
  • External high definition CCTV, including infrared and motion sensors
  • Internal high definition CCTV covering all suites and server rooms
  • Out of hours on-site security guard
  • Fully fenced and gated perimeter
  • Security shuttered ground floor windows.
Site Resilience and Connectivity

In the event of a more localised disaster, such as a disruption to the mains power supply in your area, it’s vital your data is backed up. With this in mind, the NetSupport DR facility features fully independent back-up power supplies:

  • Site protected by three highly maintained 125kVA diesel generators
  • Full auto start and remote auto transfer activating systems within 30 seconds of power failure
  • 350L internal tanks plus 1500L reserve tanks guaranteeing a minimum 12 days of run time before replenishment.

Additionally, redundancy in any data centre is of paramount importance. NetSupport has two data centres located at our business continuity centre. Our connection with the outside world has optimum redundancy built in by means of two separate lines entering the building from two different points:

  • Cat5 Backbone with triple redundancy
  • BT Net providing 500Mb on demand access to the site
  • 2 x BT Net 500Mb diversely routed lines with automatic failover
  • Fully managed by BT – DDoS Mitigation Service
On-site Back-up

Every business needs a robust DR strategy to make sure it can get up and running again as soon as possible. The key to this is to have a back-up system that’s both secure and easily accessible when you need to recover the data. At NetSupport, you can use rack space from 2U – 42U with 24/7 access.

Restoring Servers

Servers are backed up, enabling them to be restored and recovered if an adverse event occurs. This means no matter when disaster strikes, all your business data is protected.

Data Holding

NetSupport’s vault protects against fire and flood, so we can hold your data back-up tapes/disks in a secure environment protected by CCTV, alarms, secure entry systems and guards.

  • Fully secure premises in a location away from external risks
  • Electronic and physical access control to all areas
  • Environmentally controlled and monitored.

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