Fully-managed hosting


Running a business is stressful enough from day to day without having to monitor, research, plan, test and implement the technology required to keep it operating. Reduce those concerns by choosing our Fully-managed hosting option that provides you with consulting, hosting and support services as well as rented space in our dedicated, resilient and secure data centre.
Our team of professional technical specialists will help you to compile a detailed specification of the exact hardware and software your company requires. We then collaborate with our partners to source, buy, set up and configure it for you, host it in our data centre and manage and maintain it − leaving you free to concentrate on running your business rather than expending valuable time looking after the technology.

Our co-location data centres offer:

  • Purpose-built construction – all data centres feature steel doors and concrete block construction, which extend from floor plate to ceiling
  • Access control
  • Full CCTV coverage
  • Environment monitoring (cooled to an ambient 20°C)
  • Real-time power / bandwidth monitoring
  • Full backup power with dual redundancy
  • Shared or dedicated mounting rack
  • FM-200 fire suppression throughout
  • Off-site data backup
  • Flexible Service Level Agreements.
  • Full protection against Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDoS)
  • 24 / 7 service with out-of-hours cover, including telephone support from 9.00am–5.30pm.

Our optional fully-managed hosting service in conjunction with our partners can include:

  • Complete migration from physical to virtual servers
  • Range of dedicated technology solutions (such as Microsoft Hyper-V server virtualisation and Veeam Backup & Replication) specially selected for your company’s needs
  • Full implementation, configuration and deployment of your bespoke systems.
  • Our Fully-managed hosting package consists of a bespoke initial hardware purchase, set-up and installation fee; plus a monthly management and maintenance subscription.
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